Product Development Services

Our economy is driven by software now more than ever and companies that can build and leverage unique software products can create sustained competitive advantage – despite whether or not companies identify as a software company. We are all software companies. That is our core belief and why we are dedicated to building great custom software for our clients.

Research. Develop. Win.

Our teams of talented R&D engineers know software development and understand the true requirements to deliver Great User Experiences. We keep our fanatic focus on ensuring successful product implementation by:

  • Asking the hard questions early – not just following orders
  • Delivering working software every iteration
  • Building quality into the development process from the beginning
  • Thinking outside the box to deliver more than expected

Distributed Agile Experts

Our teams are experts in Agile practices necessary to deliver high value, high productivity software development using Scrum and an offshore or distributed team. We have extensive experience implementing the following tenants of Distributed Agile:

    • Humanize with face-to-face collaboration every day
    • Get to a shared understanding among the whole team
    • Automate the engineering excellence process

Understanding how to make Distributed Agile successful is different than being able to execute. With over 17 years’ experience with distributed teams, we have perfected our methodology with proven results.

InsideViewTM – Our proprietary development platform

Alliance is an expert in Agile development and specifically making Agile work in a globally distributed model. We have built an integrated platform, InsideView, to facilitate seamless Agile development processes with our clients and global teams. Leveraging a number of best-in-class open source tools, our InsideView platform brings together Knowledge Management, User Story and Project Planning, Continuous Integration and Engineering Best Practices, and Automated Functional Testing. Leveraging these tools, our Agile scrum teams are able to deliver up to 70% more useful and fully tested features than a similar traditional waterfall effort.

Agile JumpStart – Positioning a Project for Success

The key to any Agile project is how it is set up for success. An Agile JumpStart is an integrated team approach to business strategy, technology planning and user experience definition. This unique framework allows for setting the product vision, aligning stakeholders, and defining the implementation strategy, thus moving from ideation into concrete release cycle planning and team formulation within a few weeks.